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"The measure of any instructor's worth is not only what he himself can do, but rather, what he can lead others to accomplish"
~Master Frank Raimondi

Dedicated To Enhancing Our Students

Learning a martial art can be the memorizing of moves, but at Frank Raimondi's Body Awake Jujitsu we focus on teaching our students much more. Martial arts is, in some respects, a way of life. We do not mean that certain individuals earn a living from being in matches or teaching. Martial arts is a way of life because it practices mindfulness. When you practice a strike, a throw, or an exercise, the goal is to understand your body and be one with the movement. Eventually the goal is to, in time, be completely present in the moment and learn how to bring out that amount of centeredness when you need it. All the stresses in your life become much more manageable when you know how to find your center and understand that you have the mental tools you need to overcome the problem.

Your Teacher Will Be Master Frank Raimondi

Who is Master Frank Raimondi? 

Training with Master Raimondi is avaiable via Skyping, and In Home Private and Semi Private Classes. Master Raimondi is also available to Corporations and Communities for Group Classes. 
Master Raimondi started his Martial Art Training in 1973. Master Raimondi began teaching in 1982. Mr. Raimondi is a registered and recognized 5th degree Black Belt in Jujitsu. Master Raimondi boxed for the U.S. Navy, is an Author, Professional Speaker, Educator, Doctor of Divinity, has personally trained and promoted numerous Black Belts in New York and Florida. He has taught NY Corrections Officers, and, Polk County Sheriffs in his Police defensive Tactics Program. Master Raimondi teaches Practical Standing Jujitsu Self Defense geared for the Street, and Ground Fighting which incorporates Brazilian and other effective styles. Master Raimondi is the Founder of the Body Awake Jujitsu, Tai Chi, & Meditation School. He is recognized by the I.I.M.A.A. to be  a formost Leader of Systems, and one of the world's expert Martial Artist. Mr Raimondi is featured in Karate International Magazine Who's Who in the Martial Arts Elite Black Belts, and is inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame 1993. Inducted as Master Of The Year into the I.I.M.AA Hall of Fame 2010. Master Raimondi is the Tai Chi Instructor Wat Florida Dhammaram Buddhist Temple 

Master Raimondi who is considered by many as a LIFE COACH, continues his life's work sharing his physical and mental methods with his In Home Personal Training Program, National Online Skype, and Group Programs for Corporations and Communities which serves the Central Florida area.  Despite his martial arts expertise, Master Raimondi believes that conflict resolution should not be accomplished through physical combat, and that Martial Arts or any form of fighting must be used as a last resort, for emergency situations, and self defense only. He serves as a Life Coach and views difficulties as a means for the growth of an individual.  In his Life Coach capacity, he helps one to see, understand, and liberate oneself from holding onto difficulties. For over 30 years Master Raimondi has practiced Jujitsu, Tai Chi and Meditation. Mr. Raimondi has come to realize Jujitsu and meditative techniques as a means of achieving a greater awareness of one's surroundings, self discovery, inner peace, and a way of making sense out of life's many faces. He uses such methods as Tai Chi, Jujitsu, and Mindfulness Meditation not only as a means of relaxation, but to teach life lessons that bring about a greater understanding of the true nature of yourself. Master Raimondi's proven methods of Mindfulness Meditation combined with Martial Arts, Tai Chi principles and concepts are absorbed into your daily life. You will fully recognize, understand and see the absolute freedom and unchanging peace that is the truth of your being. Change and transform your life today!  


Master Raimondi January 1979 boxing for the U.S. Navy

Master Frank Raimondi



In Their Own Words

  This past year, my youngest son told me that he wanted to learn a martial art before going on to college.  I therefore did a lot of research to determine which martial art would provide the best self defense techniques for my son.  I finally determined that Jujitsu was probably the best all around pure martial art.  My research led me to Master Frank Ramondi and his Body Awake Jujitsu School located in Davenport, FL.  Master Raimondi is a fifth degree black belt in Jujitsu and my son and I took classes with Master Raimondi for approximately eight months.  During this relatively short time period, both my son and I learned many techniques for stand up fighting, take downs, and ground fighting.  We were both amazed at how quickly Master Raimondi was able to advance and improve our self defense abilities.  In the Fall, my son began college and we therefore had to end our Jujitsu studies with Master Raimondi.  However, we both hope to return one day and resume our training.  Master Raimondi runs a very disciplined class.  Safety is his first priority.  He will show and demonstrate Jujitsu moves and techniques multiple times until each student is satisfied that they understand the proper technique and how to perform it.  Though his classes are disciplined, Master Raimondi mixes in the right amount of humor and fun.  We thoroughly enjoyed his classes.  I recommend Master Frank Raimondi and his Jujitsu school without hesitation.

Mark Smith, Esq.

Attorney in Lake Wales, FL

I started training with Sensei Frank and the Body Awake Ju Jitsu when I was five years old. Throughout the years I learned the discipline, dedication, and respect which can only be instilled by the hard work and perseverance that it takes to succeed in this martial arts system. Without Sensei Frank, I don't think that today, at 25 years old, I would be graduating medical school and succeeding in my personal life. See, the great thing about Body Awake Martial Arts system is that the Sensei not only teaches you how to take care of yourself in an emergency situation, but also in your everyday life as well. I would strongly suggest that anyone who wants to feel more confident, capable and in better control of their own life to contact Sensei Frank as soon as possible.
Dr. David Pincus

I just went to your website to look around and I see you were inducted as Master Instructor of the year. congratulations and let me say how very proud of you I am. Even when we were kids growing up when you decided to focus on something you stuck with it until you mastered it. I am very proud to call you friend.
Jeff Moser

Sensei Frank, Scott here just writing you to let you know something I've learned since coming to the school, well I think that it would be self-control. An example of this self-control is, one day I was mowing grass and a very upset man came toward me yelling and cussing. I could not understand him so I turned off the mower, and the man asked me if I was f'n stupid, and, if I knew how to mow f'n grass. Well normally I would have yelled, and cussed back. But I didn't. I just took a deep breath, and let it out, slowly, sat back, and let him get things off his chest. Well come to find out we had been mowing 3 inches of his grass, while mowing his neighbors yard. Well if I wouldn't have taken that deep breath, let it out slowly, and allowed my ego get involved, things could have went bad over 3 inches of grass. So self-control is something I learned since coming to The Body Awake Jujitsu and Tai Chi Martial Art School.
Scott Taylor
Auburndale, FL.

In January of 1998 my husband and I took our first Tai Chi class. We both liked it very much and my husband quickly began to master the form. I, however, had problems and after the first eight week class never progressed with the form. My difficulties were due to a life long problem or poor coordination. In physical activities I found it extremely difficult to move my hands and feet in specific ways at the same time. I have never even danced well. My husband continued with Tai Chi using both tapes and live instructors to advance his knowledge. He mastered two forms. I became his audience and over the years was exposed to the teaching of four live instructors and two on tape. My ability to do Tai Chi did not significantly improve and I was never able to master more than a few postures and my transitions between postures were always clumsy and uncomfortable. When my husband and I moved to Florida I was determined to try to learn Tai Chi again. We attended classes for about a month with instructor number four and things were not going any better for me. After the warm up exercises I was basically lost. Then Sensei Frank Raimondi became our instructor. Within a few weeks, I was able to learn postures and knew that I was going to be able to master Tai Chi. What was the difference?
Frank is a natural teacher who encourages and relaxes his students. His easy to learn methods teaches you how to shift your weight, turn your body correctly, and move into the proper posture. When instructed correctly Tai Chi is very intuitive.  Sensei Raimondi shows you how to move your hands, feet, and body naturally into the correct position.
I am very happy to have Frank as a teacher and to have finally learned a Tai Chi form.
Ann Salvato
Poinciana, FL 34759

A Sensei may not know everything, but truth is what he yearns.
And he can only TRULY teach you if your willing to learn
A Sensei is a gentleman, a mentor, someone you want to look up too
As long as you are trying, your Sensei will never give up on you
If only there were more people like you in the world
You have sooo much to teach us boys and girls
We would like to thank you for everything you've
May Gods (causality's) blessings shine upon you and your family like the rays of the Sun
Jeff & Sarah Wakefield

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