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Jujitsu And Tai Chi Students
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Jujitsu And Tai Chi Students
Come and join our extended Family

Student Group Picture
viewed 368 times
Those who kick together, stick together!
Group Doing Stances
viewed 332 times
Stances promote good balance, and a feeling of center.
Mike And Alexis
viewed 354 times
Martial Arts helps keep couples together.
Tai Chi Group Picture
viewed 367 times
Tai Chi is a time and place for us all to come together as one.
The 3 amegos
viewed 335 times
Together we stand
viewed 296 times
United as One
viewed 325 times
The Solivita Gang
viewed 371 times
Do not mess with these people! They know how to use sticks.
Solivita Students
viewed 322 times
Painting the air without a brush