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Jujitsu is the Parent Art to Karate, Akido, and Judo. Jujitsu is the art of choice taught to military special forces and the police.

Jujitsu (literally ``the gentle fighting art'') is an empty handed extension of the sword fighting art of the Japanese Samurai. 
Jujitsu involves hard techniques such as feet, hand, knee, and elbow strikes, and soft techniques using nerve centers, throws, submission holds, chokes, and joint locks.  
Some of the strengths of Jujitsu are being able to control an attacker without bodily harm, and having the option to use as much force as necessary. 

Jujitsu training includes the use of knives, sticks and swords.

2,500 years ago reference was made to Jujitsu, and its philosophies of which may have occurred during the Choon Chu era (772-481 BC). The period of Japanese history between the 8th and 16th centuries, had civil war, where the Jujitsu system was used, practiced, and perfected on the battlefield. This training was used to conquer armored and armed opponents in close fighting situations.

The origin of Jujitsu is unclear, though it is purely a Japanese art. During the Japanese Feudal System, the Samurai developed techniques in their military, that have become the bases of modern Jujitsu. It has been said that even before the Samurai of Japan existed, Jujitsu-like techniques were being developed. Even though the Samurai was seldom without a sword, their techniques did include empty-hand combat. As Japan's Feudal System faded away, the use of weapons were decreasing and empty-hand combat started to be used more frequently.

Jujitsu is the parent art to other more recently established arts. In 1882 Judo was created by, Jigoro Kano, after mastering several styles of Jujitsu. In the 1920's Useshiba Morihei created his own style of Aiki-Jujitsu, and then dedicated himself to a new style of Martial Arts he created, called Aikido.

Jujitsu is the art of choice taught to Military Special Forces, and the Police.Jujitsu is the original MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), with standing as well as ground grappling techniques.

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