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Students need to Know what is to be expected of Them.

It is our concern that all students have a safe environment in which to Learn.

It should be understood by members that the purpose of the following rules is primarily to insure maximum benefit from the study of jujitsu.

Discipline is freedom. The basic principles found in these rules have been a part of Jujitsu from it's beginning.

1).Bow or salute to your instructor when entering or leaving the class.
2).Do not enter or leave the class without the permission from your instructor.
3).During class students that have a question must say; excuse me Sensei, but I have a question.
4).Interruptive, loud conversation, laughing in excess, and chewing gum has no place in the school during class.
5).Your uniform must be neat and clean at all times.
6).Any substitute teacher shall be treated as your regular instructor.
7).Do not give a demonstration or teach Jujitsu without the approval of your instructor.
8).The use of unreasonable excessive force during class by any student or teacher will not be tolerated.
9).Smoking, drugs, alcohol, food, drinks or cell phones will not be permitted during class.
10).There will be no prejudice against race, age, religion, social status, etc....
11).Due to ridged schedule time credit for absence will not be given. NO REFUNDS.
12).Tuition and test fees are due the first week of each month. Lateness will not be tolerated. For each minute of lateness that time will be deducted from your class.

Frank Raimondi

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