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Please answer the following questions as truthfully as possible


20 Questions: A person needs training if he, or she, answers yes to at least 15 of the following 20 questions:


1. When concentrating does your mind wander from the task at hand? Y ____ N ____

2. Are you sometimes fearful about how to defend yourself when attacked? Y ____ N ____ 

3. Do you feel that sometimes your mind is filled with general or intellectual clutter? Y __ N __

4. Do you sometimes have difficulty relaxing and calming down? Y ____ N ____

5.Have you watched a feature movie with martial arts scenes and wished to learn the martial arts?Y ____ N ____

6. You have accomplished much but have feelings of under accomplishment?  Y ____ N____

7.Your out of control emotions sometimes dictates your actions? Y____ N____

8. Do you have trouble experiencing your difficulties with skill? Y____ N____

9. Do you resist change? Y____ N ____

10. Do you have a tendency to take things for granted? Y ____ N____

11. Are you under or over organized? Y ____ N____

12. Do you need to learn how to let go of stress? Y ____ N ____

13. Do you have a sense that life is "high maintenance?" Y ____ N ____

14. Would you like to learn how to have the forces of nature work for you not against you? Y____ N ____

15. Would you like to learn how to defeat an opponent without the use of violence? Y ____ N____

16. Would you enjoy the feeling of going beyond your ego and feelings for personal glory? Y___  N ____

17. When on vacation do you have trouble letting go of family, work, or unresolved difficulties left behind? Y ____ N ____

18. Would you enjoy a greater sense of self- esteem, confidence, and a feeling of well-being?
Y ____ N ____

19. Does your anger cause you to do and say things that you regret later on? Y ____ N ____

20. Do you feel scattered and not centered? Y ____ N ____        


If you have answered yes to more than 15 questions, you need Master Sensei Frank Raimondi's Training

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