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Master  Frank Raimondi  January 2009

Five Steps and Four Words to losing weight:  

Eat   Less   Excercise   More

Change Your Trigger words: I can not to I can, I will not to I will, I must not to I must, I dont have to, I have to 

This has to be understood. We overeat because our ancestors of long ago had a much harder time of finding food, and when they did find food, they ate as much as they could to get them through those times when food was scarce. Food is no longer scarce, but we still have that basic instinct to store fat for tougher times. 

The new age in which we live provides us with a great abundance of food for us to taste, and to eat. T
echnology has provided us many great and wonderful things to make our life easier, however because of it we walk less, sit more, and hardley need to use our bodies as we once did not to long ago.

We continue to enjoy the wonders of an inovative society, and yet reep its side effects of being overweight.We want to change because we know we will feel healthier, and happier. We know how difficult carrying extra weight around can be.

The first step is to admit to yourself that you are overweight, and to get over denial.

The second step is a strong disire to change. You have heard the saying " God, grant me the strength to accept the things I can not change, to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. We can change being overweight to being the correct weight for our height.

The third step is to believe in and put trust in yourself. Do you remember other difficulties in your past which you were able to overcome? That same strength has not abandoned you. It is within you still, use it.

The fourth step is to change your trigger words, I can not to I can, I will not to I will, I must not to I must, I dont have to, I have to.

The fifth step is to accept that losing excess weight is gaining better health and happiness. Losing extra weight helps you to get around better, feel fit, better digestion, and you will be able to put your socks on easier.  Losing is gaining

Frank Raimondi ©2009

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1. Acknowledge that you are over weight.
2. Make a truthful decision to lose the weight
3. Find your inner strength.
4. Change your trigger words
5. Remember losing is gaining.