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     Improve your stress level

 Lets go back in time long ago before the industrial age. When confronted with danger human beings of that time could either run from or fight the danger. The stress level was lower because they were able to follow their basic survival instinct of fight or flight. In this day and age there are many times where you cannot follow that instinct. When you can neither run away from, nor fight the situation. That is what stress is . . . For example your boss is putting demands on you that are nearly next too impossible to achieve, and he or she wants it done yesterday. You cannot run away from that situation because you need that job to survive financially. You cannot fight with your boss because he is the one in control; therefore your stress level climbs sky high.


Do you feel as if it is all going to come crashing down upon you? Do you feel as if you are juggling too much?


When under stress your entire being feels as if it were going to pop. Stress can and does lead to a weakened immune system, and proneness to accidents.


What to do?


Here at the Body Awake Jujitsu and Tai Chi School we guarantee that you will reap the benefits and will see the results of stress relief that comes from our martial art exercise program. We will teach you how to slow down, and smell the roses. You will learn that the unimportant things like going for a walk, or cooking dinner are the most important. You will learn through our safe and easy breathing methods, and relaxation skills how to find the road to your inner being where true peace and quiet are to be found. You will be able to handle stress with greater skill than you ever thought possible. We will lift that cloud of uncertainty that surrounds you blocking your vision of what is truly before you! Guaranteed!

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