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Since 1986

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The healthy state of your mind affects your body. In fact an unfit person has an unfit mind. You are who you hang out with, and you are what you think. An unhealthy mind is a mind that is not thinking correctly. It is not living up to its full potential. The mind was made to keep us healthy if we use it correctly.


Here at the Body Awake Jujitsu and Tai Chi Center you will learn that by getting your body in shape with the many beneficial and healthy exercise techniques used in the classes, your mind will start to feel healthy as well. What affects the mind affects the body. That which affects the body affects the mind. Here at the school you will discover how to build a happy and healthy body in an easy and enjoyable atmosphere. You will be working on, and improving every muscle in your body, as well as performing cardiovascular exercises. What is beneficial about Jujitsu, and Tai Chi is that you will learn how to defend yourself while exercising. Most exercise classes do not offer this. Not only will you learn, perform, and improve on techniques to get your body in shape, you will also learn new and innovative mental techniques to get your mind in shape as well. Your overall health will not only improve, it will excel. 

In Fact the hardest thing about our classes is just getting here. If you can
bring yourself to do that you will be glad you did. Let us transform you before
you ever have to make a commitment.

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