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Improve your character

The Body Awake Jujitsu and Tai Chi School builds Character by teaching you how to be centered in your being. You will learn how to develop an inner quality of acceptance, and relaxation rather than a feeling of being tense and uptight. We teach that your true home is within you so that you can develop and feel at home wherever you are. You will be taught to discover and listen to your inner voice, and to be responsible for the decisions you make. You will learn how to find and overcome your weaknesses, and to liberate yourself from your attachment to negativity. You will learn how to become the observer of your past regrets, future fears, and present doubts rather getting caught up in them. You will learn how to find peace within yourself, and the world. You will learn to fight for emergency situations and for self defense only, and not to fight for your ego or feelings of personal glory. Finally in the end you will be a well-centered human being who can contribute to the overall well being of humanity.

Frank Raimondi �2004

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