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Remember not to forget that the mind was meant to be your servant not your master. The mind is capable of great and wonderfully powerful things. It is the source of all technology, progress, wisdom and truths. It is also the source of suffering, arguments, anguish, negativity, and endless opinions. 

Try this: Find a tape recorder and without editing any words say whatever is on your mind. Do not censor any thing. Play it back and you will be surprised at the nonsense, and gibberish that comes out. This gibberish keeps you away from true reality, which is to be found only in the moment. Higher perceptions, and higher states of consciousness are to be found in each heartbeat, and in each breath. Intellectual clutter can be let go so that clarity and peace can find it's way to you. Remember the clutter is not interested in you rather you are interested in it. We all like to stay busy, thinking about a past that has gone or a future that has not arrived yet. This wandering takes us away from the moment, as when a person is talking directly to you and yet you do not hear a word that person said. The wandering mind is not to be thought of as good, or bad, right or wrong, and it is precisely this type of thinking that feeds our wandering mind. It just is what it is. A true mind is a mind that serves us rather than us serving it. A true mind is a servant, not ones master. It is clear, in the moment, and ready to reflect what ever is put before it, without being tainted by any thought. It is as clear as a mirror. Do not mistake your thoughts as being you. Your thoughts are just your thoughts. It was not your thoughts that formed you inside your mother's womb. What formed you was the original you, your Chi, Ki, Kundalini, life Force, God, or whatever else you want to call it. Without thinking about anything, nothing was left undone. When we have a cut we do not think about how we are going to heal it. It just happens without any thought.

Relax, let go, and be happy!

Frank Raimondi ©2004

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