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Improve Your Concentration

In order to understand how to concentrate you must first understand what it is that causes your concentration to shift, and wander away from the task at hand.

Think of a time when you are doing work. Lets say for now you are doing the dishes and you stop to think on a thought other than what you are working on. As you contemplate deeply on your thought your hands stop, and you are no longer doing dishes. Your concentration has moved away from the chore at hand. So we see that thinking of something other than what is going on in the moment in this case (doing the dishes) causes your concentration to shift and to wander into a present drama, future concern, or to a past that is no longer happening. This shifting concentration and wandering of the mind is normal, and neither good nor bad. It is just the mind at work.

This is called the "Wandering Mind at Work." This wandering mind has to be understood. It is the place where creative ideas come from. It is also the place where destructive ideas are born. It is the place where you bunk your head on the cabinet door, trip over a pebble, or press the automobile accelerator when stopped for a red light saying "What was I thinking"! It is also a place where you think of starting a business, helping a friend, and planning a vacation.

Either way, the wandering mind shifts your focus and concentration to a thought or thoughts away from the present moment where true reality is to be found. I have said that the wandering mind is neither good nor bad, and I share with you that it is in this thinking of good or bad, should to and ought not, yes and no that keeps the wandering mind busy and wandering. The way to control this shifting is through the practice of doing things meditatively,  inner observance, acceptance, awareness, coming to an understanding of it, and "being in the moment". To let go of unnecessary judgments. To let go of being identified as the mind being us. It is just our mind, our thoughts and judgments. Our wandering mind is not what heals our wounds. Being in the moment helps one to see more clearly the pebble in front of him, the cabinet door above and the automobile accelerator below. Understanding brings wisdom. Wisdom brings solid ground for the busy working mind to rest.

Here at the school we teach proven meditative techniques that help to control the wandering mind, rather than the wandering mind controlling you. To register for classes click HERE