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July 2008
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AKIDO:Way of harmony
AWARENESS: Consciousness

BO: Long stick

BUSHI: Warrior

CHI: Spirit or Vital energy

DAN: Rank or Degree

DOJO: The Place of the Way

EXERCISE: Exertion for improvement

GI: Martial Art uniform

GRAPPLING: Close in fighting

HEALTH: Soundness and Vigor

ENLIGHTENMENT: Transcending suffering

INNER STRENGTH: Inward Power and Force

JUDO: Gentle Way

JUJITSU: Art of Gentleness

KARATE: Empty Hand

KATA: Formal exercise

KIAI: Spirit Meeting

KOTEGESHI: Leaf Hand Wrist Lock

KYU: Grade

MEDITATION: Contemplation

SAMURAI: One who serves

SELF DEFENSE: Individual - To protect against violence

SENSEI: Teacher

TAI CHI CHUAN: Grand Ultimate Fist

WAZA: Technique

YINYANG: Opposites

ZEN: Enlightenment through self-contemplation


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