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By Master Sensei Frank Raimondi


Sensei Frank Raimondi, has been teaching, that one of the greatest threats facing kids, teens and adults, may not come from terrorists, meteors, comets, or weapons of mass destruction, rather it may come from themselves. From within. Juvenile detention centers, mental hospitals, and prisons are filling up at an alarming rate due to crimes of passion, drug related crimes, and suicide attempts.


In the age in which we live, there is a great opportunity for most of us, to eat, drive cars, and to use medications to help us with just about anything. However, there are certain individuals who will allow themselves, to get caught up in a position of possible punishment by committing a crime against society. Much is at stake.  What is it within an individual that allows for a crime to be committed and  knowing if caught, the possible punishment of being locked up in a cage, taken away from family, friends, loved ones, and giving up worldly possessions.  What was overlooked. What could have been done to prevent a crime before it became a crime.
Take crimes of passion for example. A crime of passion is when an individual loses control of their mind and of their emotions. The emotion takes control over the body and the mind.
One of the reasons a crime of passion occurs is because individuals are not taught at an early age or later on in life the skills necessary to instill self-control of their emotions, ego, personality, and feelings for personal glory. Meditaion is not taught in public, private, or the religious schools system. When an individual's feelings are hurt, the knowledge of the skill needed to cope with that hurt must be there in the forefront, readily and available. It must be practiced on a daily basis so the individual stays in control and will not have to pay for his or her actions. A wrongful action may take 5 minutes to commit  but may take as long as 5 years or more in prison to payback. The school systems are not teaching the skills needed to cope with  mental, emotion, and physical difficulties.
Meditation can help! Meditation is a witnessing, a watching, and an observance of oneself. It is as if you are controling yourself from outside yourself. Each emotion has its own breathing pattern. Watch your breathing sometime. Watch anger and be aware of its breathing pattern. Watch happiness and be aware of its pattern. Be aware of the breathing pattern during heated anger, and notice its rhythm.  In fact heated anger could not continue to be heated if the breathing pattern is changed.  Anger cannot continue if its breathing pattern is changed and altered. Joy cannot continue with a prolong changing of its breathing pattern. Start to notice your breathing and see for yourself.  When the breathing pattern of a certain emotion is changed to the breathing pattern of a different emotion the original emotion is therefore changed leaving the individual to better direct their actions in a lawful, and controlled way.  When an individual is trained to use their mind to control their breathing pattern the physical body is calmed. With the physical body controlled the mental turmoil within is also controlled and calmed. This initial control takes a good amount of inner strength to begin, however this control with practice is achieved. With practice inner stregth is developed and strengthed. Studies have shown that controll can be achived within 3 minutes. Practice will create a repeating loop of control and harmonize the body to the mind and the mind to the spirit. Breathing techniques are ways for an individual to find a way past their ego, personality, and feelings for personal glory.

The ego, personality and feelings for personal glory is within us to help not hurt and must be used to control our actions rather than our actions controlling us. Proper meditation training must be set into place before the difficulty occurs, and before the possibility of a crime. Stopping a problem before it occurs makes use of the power of prevention. Not utilizing this power is only putting oneself, and others at a risk.

As you read this 25 million Americans are incarcerated with 1,000 more each week!When used correctly these meditational techniques will save thousands of lives. These techniques will save the crime victim's families, society, and the one doing the crime, much grief, and sorrow.  Numerous testimonials show this to be true. Learn to experience your difficulties with greater skills today. Start by utilizing proper breathing techniques, and meditations. Relieve yourself of stress, and help yourself develop better focus, health, character, and concentration. Be in control of your mind rather than your mind being in control of you.  Realize the power of going beyond your ego, personality, and feelings for personal glory. By doing so you will witness a place that comes to you that is filled with peace, calmness, serenity, and freedom from punishment. All of us have a space within for that place. Do not shut the door to it by entertaining or attaching to; negativity, unnecessary desires, the past, future fears, present doubts, and any other unnecessary things that are not in, or part of, the reality of the moment.

 Frank Raimondi ©2004

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