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Click: 20 Essential Points Of Self Defense.
by Master Frank Raimondi

We know you will enjoy the following excerpt from
his book,




Remember to keep your knees bent, back straight, and chin down on a 45-degree angle. Begin to feel the earth beneath your feet. When moving from one stance to another, do not bop up and down like a yo-yo. Keep your center of gravity low to the ground (center of gravity is located two inches below the navel).


Keep a  mental stance like a mountain.

Remember to still your emotions through deep breathing and meditation. When your emotions are twirling all about, your thoughts will not be clear. Acting out in this state is not wise. This is a time for non action until your emotions settle.

In a lake when mud and water are stirred, you are confused as to which is water and which is mud. Waiting without any action you can watch the mud separate from the water. The mud then settles to the bottom of the lake.  It is the same with your emotions. Rather than acting out in a confused state, wait until your emotions settle. You will then be able to see the proper course of action more clearly. This can be your mental stepping-stone for maximum effect.

Good things come to those who know when to wait. Have the wisdom, patience, and courage to know when to act and when to wait. Do not give into doubt, fear, and feelings of desperate longing. When confused, do not force a change. Allow change to occur naturally and in its own time. Do not engage in imagined ideals, or make comparisons to the circumstances of others. Remain balanced, modest and independent. This is a time to pay attention, to your inner strength and truth. When waiting take on the mental stance of a mountain.