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At times we carry our troubles as if it were a belt around our waist. I will tell you of my dream. In my dream, a practicing martial artist decided that when he had feelings of overwhelming sorrow, anger, frustration, and stress, due to circumstances beyond his control he would take off his white belt, fold it with awareness, and put it in front of him. He would then bow to it releasing, and spilling his mind and feelings into it. He noticed that each time he would release his troubles into the belt it became darker. He continued letting go of his difficulties into the belt until his belt became black.  He noticed that his feelings were no longer within rather, they were projected into the belt. He felt his confusion and difficulties leave him. A feeling of silence and peace came over him. An empty mind free of troubles truly a place of peace, if even for a moment. He threw the Black Belt away, realizing in the end, that the greatest and highest belt is no belt at all.

�Frank Raimondi 2008
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