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We all carry within us our Heaven and Hell our yes and our no!  

The art of meditation shines a brilliant light on this subject, and helps us to realize to let go of that which does not serve us.
What is Meditation?
Meditation can mean many things to many people. There are as many meditations as there are ideas about the practice. What works for one may not work for another. What works for you is what matters. If  you have never thought about it or if your view and interpretation of meditation is not bringing you the results you seek then with an open mind keep reading.

Meditation is a watching and acceptance of whatever you are envisioning or imagining at the moment. Doing so without judgement, and without being identified with it. Thoughts are just your thoughts, Your thoughts are not you.  

Every person carries with him his yes and his no his angels and his demons.
Your yes and your no are interconnected in a relationship of dependence. The yes cannot exist without no, and no cannot exist without the yes. When practicing meditation we let go if only for a moment of that relationship, of that dependence, of  the yes and  the no, of good and of bad.   Meditation is a witnessing, a watching and accepting without judgment, without identification of whatever is going on in the body, mind, and spirit.  
Let go, empty yourself of yourself.
Meditation is the non-judgmental, non-identifying inner observance of your Original Nature. 
There are many words for Original Nature. Different cultutres call it different names. Kundalini, Prana, Life
Force, God, Chi, and Ki. Your Original Nature that formed you inside your mother's womb is the same Nature that heals your wounds, and helps you to grow. Your Original Nature thinks without "thinking", works without having to "work", and judges without "judgement". Using meditaion as a tool one opens the door to a relaization of Original Nature.
The experience of letting go of yourself, is an experience of oneness.
When we think of ourselves as being seperate from the universe we lose the experience of interconnection, and oneness.
We know that the same molecules that form our bodies are the same molecules that form the universe. The same heat of the sun is to be found in your body temperature. The wind is found in your breathing, and water makes up most of your body.  As a drop of water falls into the ocean the drop becomes the ocean and the ocean becomes the drop.
Awareness is a watching, and wittnessing. 
We can experience this oneness by using awareness.  When eating eat with awareness. When breathing breathe with awareness. When eating watch and see. The food that was once outside yourself becomes you. You are now a part of the food, and the food is a part of you. Breath in and see that the oxygen that was once outside yourself is now inside. The oxygen becomes you and you become it!  Practice this watching meditation and come to a realization of the oneness of all things. 

Meditation in the Martial Arts

Martial Arts is not just based on physical discipline, rather it also includes internal meditation discipline. It's a fact that when one is tense, he or she will lack in speed. Use the Internal Disipline Meditation while practicing martial arts and learn to calm the mind, which when calmed, and relaxed will aid in improving speed, and agility.

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