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What is a Life Coach?

When one thinks of a coach we think of an instructor, and or a teacher. A life coach is one who instructs or assists another in the ways of life and in the art of living.  A life coach is one who teachers others how to experience life's difficulties with skill.

It is important to remember that a coach is a guide. To guide, and prepare one in times when one cannot see a healthy, and clear path in front of them. A life coach points the way, however it is the student that must trust, and decide to walk it. A life coach merely shows the way.
Mistakes are the ways in which we learn if we do not ignore the mistake. If one is moving in a field and falls into a hole, one learns. He learns not to ignore the hole the next time he moves in that same field. A life coach would say that it is ok, to fall into a hole not seen, not known of. A life coach will also point out that it is not ok to ignore and keep falling in the same hole over and over again, especially if one knows where the hole is!

200 ways to a healthier, happier, and successful life  ~written by Master Frank Raimondi
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