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What is the meaning of the Martial Art belt colors?
 What is born must grow, reach maturity, and pass away and leave behind seeds for a new birth.
Black tip or stripe: The combination of all the colors; mastery of the existing color belt, and a maturity of growth into the next color.
White: Beginning stage, purity, inocence. No knowledge of Martial Arts.
Yellow: Energy and brightness, as from the sun, and maturation as in the yellowing of grain.
Orange: Represents new growth, which appears in the spring. Techniques begin to take form.
Green: Growth and power soar to higher levels, as a green plant drives upward to greater heights.
Blue: Represents the sky, continued upward attainment, and the stage where one begins to stabilize both mentally and physically.
Brown: Power stability, agility, strength and wisdom, and the stage where one begins to feel a sense of emerging confidence in ones abilities.

Red: Blood, life energy, attention and control. Maturity, respect, honor and perfection of character start to be reflected in ones daily affairs.
Black: is the combination of all colors, mastery, calmness, dignity, sincerity, and the final stage of ones cycle and the beginning of the next.

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