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Who is Master Frank Raimondi? 

"The measure of any instructor's worth is not only what he himself can do, but rather, what he can lead others to accomplish"
~Master Frank Raimond

We are all much more than our biographies. My biography are for those who need one.

Master Raimondi started his Martial Art Training in 1971. Master Raimondi began teaching in 1982. Mr. Raimondi is a registered and recognized 5th degree Black Belt in Jujitsu. Master Raimondi boxed for the U.S. Navy, is an Author, Professional Speaker, Educator, Doctor of Divinity, has personally trained and promoted numerous Black Belts in New York and Florida. He has taught NY Corrections Officers, and, Polk County Sheriffs in his Police defensive Tactics Program. Master Raimondi teaches Practical Standing Jujitsu Self Defense geard for the Street, and Ground Fighting which incorporates Brazilian and other effective styles. Master Raimondi is the Founder of the Body Awake Jujitsu, Tai Chi, & Meditation School. He is recognized by the I.I.M.A.A. to be  a formost Leader of Systems, and one of the world's expert Martial Artist. Mr Raimondi is featured in Karate International Magazine Who's Who in the Martial Arts Elite Black Belts, and is inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame 1993. Inducted as Master Of The Year into the I.I.M.AA Hall of Fame 2010. Master Raimondi is the Tai Chi Instructor to the Wat Florida Dhammaram Buddhist Temple.

Master Raimondi who is considered by many as a LIFE COACH, continues his life's work sharing his physical and mental methods with his In Home Personal Training Program, and Group Programs which serves the Central Florida area.  Despite his martial arts expertise, Master Raimondi believes that conflict resolution should not be accomplished through physical combat, and that Martial Arts or any form of fighting must be used as a last resort, for emergency situations, and self defense only. He serves as a Life Coach and views difficulties as a means for the growth of an individual.  In his Life Coach capacity, he helps one to see, understand, and liberate oneself from holding onto difficulties. For over 25 years Master Raimondi has practiced Jujitsu, and Meditation. Mr. Raimondi has found Jujitsu, and meditative techniques to be a means of achieving a greater awareness of one's surroundings, self discovery, inner peace, and a way of making sense out of lifes many faces. He uses such methods as Tai Chi, Jujitsu, and meditation not only as a means of relaxation, but to teach life lessons that can bring about a greater understanding of the true nature of the self. Master Raimondi's Mental Methods brings Meditation principles, and Martial Arts concepts into daily life, to fully recognize the absolute freedom and unchanging peace that is the truth of ones being.          


Master Raimondi January 1979 boxing for the U.S. Navy

Master Frank Raimondi

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