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NOTE: This web page is currently in this process of completion. Each Belt Requirement will have its own video for review and practice. So far we have reached to yellow belt with black stripe, with more to come! To view the entire Writen Belt Requirements WITHOUT VIDEO click HERE. Thank you for your patience.
We would like to commend you learning how to defend yourself. To earn rank all techniques must be perfomed from the right side as well as the left. When testing for a higher rank each student must not only perform all the techniques listed for that rank, he or she must also perform and improve upon all of thier previous belt requirements. Studies have shown that it takes about 72 repetitions per technique to develop a conditioned reflex, that is, to perform a technique without having to think much about it. Do you remember learning how long it took to tie your shoes, ride a bike, or drive a car?. In the beginning you had to think "how am I going to do this? 
With that in mind I would like to share a story. One day a centipede was crawling in front of a wise rabbit. The rabbit said to the centipede "tell me Mr. Centipede when crawling which leg comes in front which first"? The centipede having one hundred legs had never before heard of such a question. Who bothers to think about which leg comes in front of which first. The centipede had always walked fine without wondering about it. The centipede thought about the rabbits question, and by doing so could not walk another step! In order to walk away from the rabbit the centipede had to stop thinking and just walk. Finally the centipede realized what the rabbit was teaching. The rabbit was teaching the centipede a vital lesson. In martial arts as well as in life it is important not to hesitate. Realizing that his body had stopped walking and by letting go of thinking to much, the centipede walked away, a wiser bug from the experieance! From that day on the centipede always strived to walk meditatively (with awareness). 

The Three Stages of Learning: Stage one: In the beginning we must think. Stage two: In the intermediate stage we think without thinking. Stage three: In the advanced stage in order to free our minds and retain all we know we give up knowing. 

You must practice each technique 72 times. To chart your progress make a check mark on the line located in front of each belt requirement. After 72 times perform your technique without thinking about it! Remember, most things that are hard to do are the easiest to remember, and the most worth while to learn. Remember to be aware of your breathing. Start slowly, and breathe in deeply when preparing for a technique. Breathe out deeply when excecuting your technique. Your practice will take on a meditative feel when you practice with awareness. Awareness of your breathing, and of the earth beneath your feet. Through your self dicipline and martial art practice you will harmonize your body, mind, and spirit.

¬©Frank Raimondi 2009  

12th Kyu White with Black Stripe

______ How to tie your belt 

 12th Kyu White with Black Stripe:

STANCES: ______ Forward, fighting, cat, bow and arrow, horse, cross stance, and spin

HAND STRIKES: ______ Fore fist, palm, back fist, bottom fist, knife hand, and hammer fist.
EBOW STRIKES; ______ Round house, upward, downward, reverse, rear high, and rear low
BLOCKING: ______Blocks 1 - 7 
KNEE STRIKES: ______ Upward, and round house

MEANINGS: ______Sensei - Teacher
                    ______ Kata - Form
                    ______ Kiai - Shout

______Mount Position
______Elbow push into choke
______Upward hip lift escape
______Escape from the guard
______Side control into key lock (americana)
______Counter to americana
______Armbar between the legs

11th Kyu Yellow Belt:

   11th Kyu Yellow Belt: 

______ Block reverse punch
______90 Degree movement
______ 6 variations of wrist bends


1a) ______With a shuffle; from the left fighting stance: Move right foot to left. Left front snapping kick. Step forward with left foot. Left fore fist or palm strike. Right hand strike then right knee strike. Step forward with right floor. Right elbow strike. Finish with left elbow strike.
1b) ______With a step; from forward stance: Front snapping kick with the right foot. Step forward with right foot. Right hand strike (palm or fore fist). Left hand strike. Left knee strike. Step forward with left foot. Left elbow strike. Finish with right elbow strike. NOTE: Elbow, knee, hand, and foot strike vary with distancing.
2)______Flying front snap kick: From left forward stance. Throw right knee up into the air. When right foot touches the ground the left foot strikes the target. Left foot hits target at the same time right foot touches the ground. Follow through with hand strikes, knee strike, and elbow strikes. NOTE: The lifting of and throwing of the rear knee forward amounts to how much distance the body will travel.
3) ______Side kick, from a horse stance: perform left side kick. Bring left foot back into chamber position. Move left foot forward into left forward stance.
Finish with offensive kata #1 with a step or shuffle. NOTE: If more distance is needed one can use a cross stance.
4a) ______Spinning back kick, from a left horse stance: Point left toes inward towards ones right foot. Lift right knee up as high as possible, and spin 180 degrees on left foot. Kick with right heel. Bring right foot back into chamber position. Move right foot forward into a right forward stance. Finish with offensive kata #1 with a step or a shuffle. NOTE: Whip hand a 180 degree turn, and bring knee high for maximum effects.
4b) ______Spinning back kick with a step, from a left forward stance: Step with right foot into a right horse stance. Bring right toes inward towards left foot. Spin on right foot 180 degree turn as the left hell hits target. Finish with offensive kata #1 with a step or a shuffle.

10th Kyu Yellow Belt with Black Stripe:


10th Kyu Yellow Belt with Black Stripe:

______Falling Ways: Left and right forward rolls, rear roll, side to side, and dive roll and get up.

______ Ippongs: 1 - 4:
______1) Step forward left foot - left block number 1 - armbar behind the neck - ridgehand - leg sweep.

______2) Step forward left foot - left block number 1 - right palm strike to the chin - leg sweep
______3) Stepforward with left foot block number 3 - temple chin and jaw strikes - elbow strikes - groin strike - ankle knee take down - ankle attack - kick to the grion - spin into palm strike into the nose.
______4) Step forward with left foot into left horse stance - iron crane block - elbow attack - cross stance into armbar - leg sweep take down. 

9th Kyu Orange Belt:


9th Kyu Orange Belt:

______Defense against straight wrist grab

______Defense against cross wrist grab
______Defense against two handed wrist grab
______Defense against front finger choke
______Defense against front over arm bear hug
______Defense against front under arm arm bear hug
______Defense against rear finger choke
______Defense against rear over arm bear hug
______Defense against rear underarm bear hug
______Defense against hammer lock
______Defense against hammer lock forearm choke
______Defense against straight head lock
______Defense against against rear headlock

More Videos are on their way!