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 200 Days of Daily Affirmations       

By Master Sensei Frank Raimondi

The Following ways to enlightenment are not meant to be read all at once and then forgotten about. If you do not apply them into your life, then they are only words on your computer. If you want to improve the quality of your life, and the life of others, print them out, and read one each morning, include it in your thoughts, then apply it to your day. Read another the next day and do the same.
WE ARE WHAT WE THINK, AND WHAT WE CONTEMPLATE!  As you know, if you tell a person he or she is not good enough day after day, month after month, year after year eventually he or she will believe it, and start to act that way. Similarly, if you tell a person he or she is good enough day after day month after month year after year eventually he or she will believe it, and act accordingly. When we contemplate stress, frustration, division and fear it  comes to us. We will act and behave according to our contemplation. When we contemplate generosity, unselfishness, and non- greediness, kindness, and peace, it comes to us, and we will act and behave according to our contemplation. Each day we have the free will to choose what to contemplate.  Today I am offering you 200 Days Of Daily Affirmations. Thoughts to contemplate, and if affirmed, lived by, and acted upon will improve your relationships with people, places, and all things.
By understanding and basing your decisions upon these affirmations you will relieve stress, feel centered in your being, find inner peace,and you will provide a solid ground to rest your mind.

1).  He who injures another is asleep. He who up builds another is called awakened.

 2). Good deeds are one of the best forms of prayer.

 3). The man who has no hate cannot be hurt by hate.

 4). A thousand different things, brings confusion. Realizing the oneness of all things brings clarity.

 5). You create your own Heaven or Hell.

 6). There is health in being centered and calm, however, there can be no peace in the heat of hurtful passion.

 7). If you are responsible for maliciously hurting another feelings, be responsible. You broke it, You fix it.

 8). Let us not talk of good deeds, but the responsibility of doing them.

 9). One who practices gentleness, loving-kindness, peace, and tranquility, becomes all of them, and is protected by them. There is no confusion in his life, or in his dreams.

 10). When a man finds joy in solitude, and quietness, freedom from fear descends upon him like gentle rain.

11). Learning the way of the true martial arts, brings a sharpness of mind, and a lack of being confused. When you are not confused by people, you are centered in your being.

 12). Finding your original nature helps one to break free from the envelope and conception of me and of mine.

 13). It is better to spend one day contemplating the reality of the change of all things, than a thousand days of not contemplating anything.

 14). If you can lose it, it was not yours.

 15). Hatred is like a fire burning under your skin. Patience is like a fortress of light.

 16). The power of belief is a very powerful force indeed.

 17). We are not here because of the path that is in front of us, rather we are here because of the path that is behind us.

 18). Life is like a river, ever flowing. Make your house not on one shore or the other.  Rather, make your house on the bridge, in the moment, watching, and flowing with the river of life.19). The world of many things can be used to help or to hurt. A piece of paper can be used to gather information, and to write upon, however, when wrongly grasped can cause a paper cut. 

20). The ultimate truth cannot be found in arguments about this or that. The ultimate truth can be found in your innermost being, beyond the limits of ego, and personality.

21). The hoarding person who does not plant seeds, and saves them in the storehouse, will never reap the rewards of having a beautiful garden.

 22). So as to avoid wickedness, do not plan on the advice from the wicked.

 23). The only certain thing is uncertainty.

 24). The one thing that never changes is change.

 25). True peace is a lightness of spirit. It is to be found beyond the concepts of good and of bad, of what is right and wrong.

 26). To observe your mind with understanding means to let go of any expectations of understanding.

 27). Meditate without any knowledge of meditation.

 28). Being bound by self and other is a prison. Freedom means to be free of self and other.

 29). Endurance and patience is the utmost. Injury and mistreating another is the least.

 30). Seek the truth with a strong spirit, and do not dwell anywhere.

 31). Anything that can be destroyed is not everlasting. Seek that which cannot be destroyed.

 32). The key to the truth is realizing illusions as illusions. This is to be called, freedom from illusions.

 33). If you defeat another, you have won the defeated persons hate. Better it is to have won love, than to have won hate.

 34). Zen is a being-ness, a such-ness. It is beyond seeing and hearing, an experience beyond words.

 35). It was not your conscious mind, which formed you inside your mother's womb. It was the formless form, free, from mind.

 36). We train. We strive higher and higher to attain that which we already possess.

 37). Chasing after desire is like trying to catch the wind.

 38). When spitting into the wind be careful, or it will come back at you twice as hard. Do not do evil to an innocent man.  The evil will come back to you, like fine sand thrown into the wind.

 39). The true way is without difficulty. It is seeking without seeking. Those who find it are not striving after it.
40). Delight in goodness. All other things are temporary.

 41). In order to find ease of spirit let go of being a miser.

 42). If you do not contemplate the self, you will not find ease of mind. Contemplation of the self, causes beneficial thoughts to arise, harmful thoughts to vanish.

 43). Recognize your true self image by not judging or becoming identified with the image of yourself. True self is beyond judging and identification.

 44). The path that leads to enlightenment is empty and quiet. It is like a mirror that reflects all.

 45). Happiness comes from wishes of goodness for all mankind. Misery is from selfishness.

 46). Controlling anger is like driving a car. You cannot just hold on to the wheel.

 47). Better it is to conquer the self, than to battle, and win a thousand victories over others.

 48). When practicing the way do not chase after the way.

 49). Better it is to love than to bribe God with religious offerings.

 50). The body and mind are like an airplane. An airplane is not used as a garbage truck.  Rather, it was meant to fly. So to you, were not meant to find, and store garbage within.

 51). Where are you going after you die? The same place you came from before you were alive.

 52). You cannot reach the end of the world by traveling after it.

 53). Seekers of the way, do not seek much. Of what benefit are ten thousand thoughts.

 54). There is wisdom in nothingness, and spirituality in the unfathomable. The realm of many thoughts, comes out in the town called the world.

 55). That which goes beyond thoughts is Zen. That which is not Zen, are thoughts. Freedom from thoughts is called liberation.

 56). The harm or good you are capable of doing to others, you are capable of doing to yourself.

 57). When words stop, stars are like flowers in the sky, and your innermost core is moonlight reflected in still waters.

 58). Do not under estimate the power of eternity.

 59). Eternity is reality in and of itself. We come from eternity, and will return to it. Eternities are states of never-ending experiences.

 60). When you do not expect the unexpected, the world becomes a great disappointment.

 61). All negative emotions are deeply rooted in the fear of death, as well as the fear of living.

 62). Being spiritually opened, is clear without any blemish of grasping any doctrine, or object.

 63). In relationships there are no opposites. Up is not opposite from down, and light is not opposite from dark.  Each one is tied with, and dependent upon the other for its existence.

 64). A system of teaching cannot be used to describe enlightenment, because enlightenment cannot be divided, or put onto a plate, and cut into pieces.

 65). To speak a thousand words to prove a point, is not better than one word that brings peace.

 66). Be careful, for what you dislike in others, might be a reflection of what you dislike in yourself.

 67). There is  great accomplishment in having experienced enlightenment. Enlightenment brings about freedom of doctrine, dogma, greed and dependency.  

 68). When the conception of me, and mine, is not present, gentleness, giving, kindness, and patience prevail.

 69). The internal organs must not compete for blood supplies in order to have a healthy body. In the same way, in order to have a healthy Earth, the countries of the world must not compete for the natural resources of Planet Earth.

70). Not being aware of your actions brings about gluttony, useless pursuits, and a wrongful attitude of not caring.

 71). The experience of kindness brings about a release from the bondage of selfishness.

 72). By not allowing lustful desires, the bitterness of sorrow will not have its day.

 73). Violence begets violence. It clings, like a vine to a wall.

 74). Who is the violent person the one who responds to violence with violence, or the one who started the violence?

 75). Wisdom is an awakening. Wisdom polishes and defines, ones character. Healing, love, and compassion reside in wisdom.

 76). Defending yourself from the objects you can see, are not as great as, defending yourself from the objects you cannot see. 

 77). To achieve enlightenment and reap its rewards get rid of the concept of me, and mine.

 78). Unshaken, untouched, and not tainted from sorrow and worldly states, is the presence of an enlightened man.

 79). Teaching others helps to mold yourself.

 80). No need to fear over past or present, we were once dead, and became alive. We are alive and will one day die. Humans are the manifestation of change.  Do not fear what you are.  Rather, relax into it.

 81). What is the cause of suffering? Is it not to the attachment to people, places, and things, and to the denial that all things must change? Does not the blood in your body have to constantly flow? So it is with change. It must flow. Change is what we truly are.

 82). Let go of all negative hindrances, allow love to prevail, and be freed from hatred and misery.

 83). The desire for freedom brings happiness. Happiness brings clarity of mind. Clarity of mind brings freedom from attachment. Freedom from attachment brings a realization of the oneness of all things.

 84). What kind of work do the skillful, and peaceful do? Answer: Love, kindness, and  caring. The skillful are not boastful, proud, or arrogant.

85). Afflictions, discrimination, and grasping are of the mind. When one goes beyond mind there is no afflictions, discrimination, or grasping after things. Then in an instant, there is no dualism, only enlightenment.

 86). The only permanent thing is impermanence.

 87). Of what greater practice is there, than the practice of knowing yourself.

 88). As adults we have learned to hold onto ill feelings. As adults have learned how to have a big smile on the outside while feelings of ill will on the inside. Do not be like a wolf in sheep clothing. Look at anger as a cloud passing by in the sky. It is there for a while, and then gone. It does not find a harbor in which to dwell.

 89). Things achieved during trying times, is worth more than things achieved during good times.

 90). Enlightenment helps us to once again, see the world as if through the eyes of a child, brightly lit, and full on wonder.

 91). Turning upward toward enlightenment, brings about a feeling above sound and form, beyond things, that would startle most common folk.

 92). A man walking the path of enlightenment is not motivated by, Ignorance, or attachment.

 93). It is difficult to teach a thing that has not been experienced by the teacher. If a teacher of the way has not gone beyond his own tyranny, and sense pleasures, it will be a great task indeed to convey that teaching to students.

 94). The life force within you is eternal. It is better to guard the things that are eternal, than to guard temporary things, such as, your ego and personality
95). Why do we cling to the impure things of this world? We must overcome the tendency to hold onto, and believe in lies.

 96). Enlightenment is beyond words, thought, and beyond achievement. It is an experience, of life beyond breath.

 97). Enlightenment cannot be destroyed from without.  It grows from within.

 98). Full satisfaction cannot be found in materialism, or from gratification of the senses. Full satisfaction happens at a deeper level, free from senses and desires.

 99). Wish for things that cannot be expressed. Get caught in the flowing stream of enlightenment.

 100). No words, no today, no tomorrow, no yesterday, live in the space between here and now.

101). Pure conduct is like a glass of fresh water to a thirsty man

102). A rested body and mind are like open space.

103). Use the sword of wisdom to cut thru illusions, discrimination, and negative thoughts.

104). The way of the world is the way of the mind. The way of enlightenment is the way of no-mind.

105). Get rid of the idea that I or they are no good. While it is of the utmost importance to exercise correct behavior, let go of the concept of good and bad.

106). Real love is not for the self, or for attachment to material possessions, rather true love is an unselfish concern for others.

107). You cannot see your true reflection in a lake that is agitated. Therefore, your mind must be calm and rested in order to see your true self.

108). Sleep depravation can drive you to insanity. Being entangled in ten thousand thoughts is a form of functional insanity. To have a healthy life, you must rest your mind, as well as the body.

109). Misery finds its way to you because of a fixed and conditioned mind. Happiness and wellness of mind comes to one who moves, changes, and adapts to the unexpected ways of life.

110). The Law of Karma states that for every cause there is an effect, and every affect has a cause. Knowing this helps one to exercise the power of prevention, and causation.

111). To realize a sense of equality, we must find common ground. We all come from the same beginning, and we all share the same end.

112). There is the happiness of sensual pleasures, and of higher consciousness. Sensual pleasures are temporary, higher consciousness is eternal. 

113). All life is a sort of celebration, bubbling forth as if in a dance. Lifelessness is a sort of death, stiff and ridged, closed to any joy.

114).Abiding in and polishing the self is not as great as abiding in no-self.

115). Thinking that the world should not be seen for what it truly is, is the beginning of functional insanity.

116). If a tithe ( a gift ) is given to God because of guilt, it is not given to God, it is given to guilt.

117). One cannot experience the destructive power of jealousy, hate, and a not caring attitude until one practices those feelings. Like wise one cannot experience the constructive power of patience, kindness, caring, compassion, and consideration until one practices them.

118). Words are the tools to bring one to the path of enlightenment. Enlightenment itself is a liberation from words.

119). Words, and reacting to them exist by way of the mind.

120). Wallowing in the ideas of good and bad, should and shouldn't, does not have as great a value as living in the moment.

121). Clinging and attachment is not as strong as an unselfish concern for others.

122). Upon hearing the words that lead  to enlightenment, the wise become clear calm and unruffled.

123). Even in sleep the mind continues to work producing dreams. Comparing, analyzing, and discriminating, the mind does not retire. Seeing things equally, being released from all sorts of entanglements, enlightenment is reached.

124). In order to reap the rewards of enlightenment, one must practice devotion.

125). Finding common ground in the fact that we all come from nature, helps to realize that although our behaviors are different we are all equal.

126). There is no learning without practice. And with practice we learn. One learns according to what one  practices

127). Life is a celebration. Death is a rest. Resting from death is life. Resting from life is death. Both come full circle.

128). True success is the achievement of happiness. Worldly success is the achievement derived from materialism. Materialism is inconsistent and temporary. Happiness is everlasting and the true purpose for living. One must find a balance of knowing when enough is enough, and when not enough is not enough.

129). You cannot see clearly to the bottom of an agitated pond, likewise you cannot see your thoughts clearly thru an agitated mind. Wait with patience until the agitation settles!

130). Actions are like an invisible brush that paints situations, and circumstances.

131). Practicing compassion is the path leads to happiness. Practicing non-compassion is the path that leads to unhappiness.

132). In order to survive one strives after materialism. Striving after unnecessary materialism can be cruel, controlling, and oppressive. Transcending materialism's powerful control is freedom.

133). Life comes and goes. Be like the wise man who prepares for the journey.

134). Empty yourself of yourself, and be filled.

135). You cannot see the world thru others eyes.

136). Do you posses your possessions, or do your possessions posses you?

137).  As a fish is caught by a hook, so is the angry man reeled in by his own anger.

138). Expose your faults to your self first, only then can you begin to expose the faults of others.

139). Meditation is not a form of suffering, rather it is a tool that leads to enlightenment.

140). Seek the things that cannot be smashed by a hammer, or stolen by a thief. Seek the things that are within, and invisible. Seek your spirit.

141). One of the keys to good Karma is to abandon the false, and adopt the truth.

142). Be like a turtle that carries his home with him wherever he goes. Be at home within yourself. 

143). Is it not better to hold onto your integrity, than to give it up for materialism?

144). Attachment to negativity is like holding onto a hot potato.

145). It was not man's great technology that formed you inside your mothers womb. In fact it was no technology at all.

146). Retreating to a cave in the Himalayas, and shaving your head, will not help you to find enlightenment. Contemplation , doing good deeds, and refraining from evil, enlightenment will find its way to you.

147). Do not allow the mind to stop on the thought on understanding, rather do not cling to anything. Not clinging is true freedom.

148). The universe, planets, great seas, rivers, and mountains came from the same place as your conception of them.

149). Money is handicap in that it can buy temporary happiness only. Global communications, and advances in technology have not put an end to suffering caused by famine, and war. True peace must come from a realization that war, and starvation are outdated, and obsolete.

150). Enlightenment is the supreme sword that cuts away misery and sorrow, releasing you from the prison of this world.

151). By giving up the idea of finding or losing enlightenment, enlightenment just comes.

152). Better it is to walk alone than to walk with fools.

153). Realizing the unity of bliss within the void, is to realize the peace of no- thing- nes.

154). If you are moving in a train and look out the window at another train that is standing still, it will seem as if the train that is standing still is moving. This is called an illusion. If you consider that your body,  and mind are permanent, this is also an illusion.

155). The roots of evil are fear, hate, and greed, anger, jealousy and delusion. Roots can only take hold in fertile soil, water, and sunlight. Deny evil its chance to grow, and it will not take root.

156). Like trees that make the forest, and drops of water that make the ocean, all separate things make up the one. Upon realizing this, the oneness of all things is understood.

157). Anything that liberates oneself from the affliction of the grasping mind is called an antidote.

158). The circle of life is a balance. Unless the people of earth develop a circle of cooperation, the world will continue to be off balance.

159). By developing a daily habit of Honoring things that bring harmony to oneself and the world, ones days will be filled with joy.

160). Likewise fear leads to hate, hate leads to anger, and anger leads to suffering. Faith leads to practice, practice leads to wisdom, and wisdom leads to peace.

161). Being aware of ones breathing is meditation. There is no work left undone under the sun without breathing. If we have time to breath, we have time to meditate.

162). What home other than the earth is our home? Where we reside is within our hearts, and minds. There is truly no place like home.

163). If one does not practice what one preaches, that one should not preach.

164). Be aware of all positive, and negative feelings, however treat them all the same, without discrimination, or prejudice.

165). If you remove the purpose for being here, which is to be happy, then we are all just the walking dead.

166). Long ago, when the earth was new and without life nature needed a way to experience itself. Without living creatures nature could not see, hear, feel, taste, think, and feel emotions. We take refuge in nature and nature takes refuge in life.

167). The non-meditating mind is like the busy waters of the sea, agitated and tossed about by the wind. The non-meditating mind is agitated, and tossed about by internal thoughts external situations and circumstance. Meditation is the experience of the non-agitated mind.  

168). Serving and being served are folds in the same garment.

169). Being high on drugs, or drunk with intoxicants is not as great as being drunk with enlightenment. Enlightened intoxication does not have side effects as does intoxicants, and does not leed to foolish behavior.

170). Knowing when enough is enough is thew beginning of wisdom. Not knowing this is the beginning of greed. Greed is an oppressive and demanding tyrant. 

171). Most afflictions of the mind are self created, and an illusion. there is no need to try to practice getting rid of them. They are null and void to begin with.

172). Harmful negative influences of the mind such as selfishness, ignorance, anger, attachment, guilt, and other disturbing thoughts weaken us. The upright mind is filled with vigor, wisdom, and austerity add energy, and life, and acts as a protection against harm.

173). Speaking harshly at someone causes harshness to come back at you.

174). The place-less place at the end of sorrow is eternal beyond the uncreated.

175). All that changes is temporary. That which never changes is change itself. That which is liberated from change is everlasting.

176). By eliminating the fear of death, all other fears fall away.

177). By wielding the power of choice we choose to be happy or miserable

178). Discriminating views,  and comparisons cannot hurt if there is no one to compare or discriminate to. Be no one.

179). So as not to be consumed by the fires of the world, do not find joy in its smoke, or its darkness.

180). To be truly free be nothing, and seek harmony with all.

181). A man of enlightenment is like a mountain. No negativity can shake him.

182). The tree is trapped within its seed. Men of position, rank, and wealth are trapped by rank and wealth. As a tree breaks out of its seed so to a wise man breaks thru his iron face of rank and wealth, and reaches towards the heavens.

183). In nature nothing is perfect, and nothing is totally imperfect. 

184). To know no-thing is to know all, and to know all is to know no-thing. Thru no-thing all things are possible. 

185). Anger is like a tree that is hit by lightning, its fire consuming the tree from within. As the flame is controlled by the candle to which it burns, control anger or it will consume you.

186). When seeking revenge against those who have committed crimes against us, we feel as if in the same misery as the criminal. Revenge will not undo what has been done, it will only stand to add to it.

187). Fear is truly a darkness.

188). Of what good would it do to enter heaven and bring this worlds troubles and worries along with you. Would not heaven be blemished by you presence? Get rid of troubles and worries now, in this world so as not to bring them into the after world.

189). Do not dwell in the idea of not dwelling.

190). Trying to observe enlightenment, as the oneness of all things is like a fish trying to observe water.

191). True seclusion is not setting one self apart, or finding an empty cave in which to dwell. True seclusion is to be free of the dualistic mind, and self righteousness.

192). The hear of all spiritual practices is to realize that we are more than our ego, and personality. There is no better way to eliminate suffering than this.

193). Universal wisdom found in the wind, waters, fire, and lightning, and is the same wisdom found within us all.

194). It may take years for water to wear down a rock, as it may take years of accumulating garbage in the mind to make a landfill.

195). Joy is without desire. True joy is joyful for no reason at all.

196). It is important not to cling to a meditative posture, technique, or idea. Doing so allows the mind freedom of movement.

197). T.V. is made up of individual pixels. Forest is made from individual trees. We are made up of individual atoms we call forms. Forms are transient, yet we perceive them as real.

198). Better it is to follow the way of truth, than to follow miracles.

199). Do not be consumed by the fear of not having. Do not be possessed by the things you posses.

200). It is a blessing to respect your parents who have helped give you this life. It is a greater blessing to respect and to be a seeker of that which you were before your parents were born

Frank Raimondi ©2004

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