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DO NOT BE FOOLED! Learning martial arts must be combined with learning the proper mental skills!

Each week crimes of hate and passion send thousands of Americans to Jail. Without Self Discipline the chatter of the mind can become so overwhelming that one feels the need to medicate oneself with illegal drugs. Half of the inmates in American prisons are from drug related convictions.

Our Jujitsu, Tai Chi, and Meditation Programs teach a person how to control anger, hate, egotistical superiority, and feelings for personal glory, rather than allowing those feelings to control the person. This is the most import benefit you will receive from our school. Without the proper training people who have the potential to do good, do not, and find themselves in the prison system. An inability to perform the self control needed to use the proper force allowed by law to control, protect, and neutralize a threatening situation and a physical confrontation.

Through our Martial Art and Meditation Programs we can help prevent this from ever happening. This style of Jujitsu is rooted in Tai Chi, and Meditation. We will teach you and your loved ones how to draw strength from these roots. To maintain proper control of yourself, thereby controlling your surroundings. You will learn how to keep your sanity by freeing your mind!

We all have felt the pain of loneliness at times, and we are well aware of our busy mind. For Solitary Confinement Inmates at the Colorado State Penitentiary the mind can get extremely loud. Towards the end of this short video an inmate acknowledges the power of meditation. Using this power of meditation, he frees his mind and keeps his sanity. The inmate comes to realize that although he is in prison, he does not have to allow the prison to be within him. He frees his mind through daily meditation, and thereby remains sane.

  It is our wish that all live a healthy, sane, and productive life, far away from the prison system.
                                                                                                                      ~Master Frank Raimondi